— Story —


a  dream becomes a reality


As ordinary as a bakery might be, our story is a bit unordinary. Katya’s Bakery got its start in a simple, home oven. Katya, a baking aficionado with a sweet tooth, began baking cakes for friends and family. The cakes were a huge hit with family friends, and requests for her cakes grew quickly! In a few short months, a handful of local, European bakeries offered to buy the cakes and feature them in their own shops. 

Unable to keep up with all the orders, it became obvious that opening up a brick and mortar bakery wouldn’t be a bad idea. Katya’s husband, Viktor, began looking around for a space to lease and begin construction. In 8 months, a building was found, papers were signed, and the first construction began! 

With the help of a few friends, Viktor and Katya built their little bakery and opened their doors on September 11th, 2014! 

As a family owned bakery, we promise to bake with the same love and enthusiasm as we would for our own family. From our ovens, to your plates, it’s our goal to see your smile grow with every bite!